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 *N E W S*   U P C O M I N G  S H O W

I will be exhibiting new work in this upcoming show 

Saturday 16th - Thursday 21st March at The Dundas Street Gallery in Edinburgh

I will be there in person for the opening night

Friday 15th 5 - 8pm

Hop to see you there!

Art exhib March poster.jpeg

Artist Fee Scroggie lives and works in the mythology steeped landscape of East Lothian in the lowlands of Scotland.  She creates artworks inspired by the hidden and mysterious realms and has an affinity for the spiritual, the uncanny, the liminal and exploring the ancient people and religions of heathen Europe.  Her work inhabits a dark and atmospheric space where you might encounter visions of the Otherworld. 

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P R I N T     S H O P     N O W     O P E N

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